Library Privilege Opening System is used for making application of opening the library privilege for all Tsinghua University students and the official staff. Your library privilege will be opened within 2 business days after submitting an application. You can borrow books in the library once your privilege is opened. For post-doctors of the university, please bring your IC Cards to the Library Card Center to open your library privilege. For post-doctors from other universities, please submit a copy of doctoral dissertation when making an application.
     Identification. Please enter your card number and PIN in the blanks. From 2011 autumn semester, the initial PIN of new students is the same as the IC Card number. For security reason, you should modify your PIN at the page of Personal Information Registration and Circulation Record. Readers who do not have PIN should visit the library homepage and set a PIN. Readers who have forgotten the PIN should send emails through website or go to the Library Card Center to modify the PIN.
  Reading the Regulations. The system will move to the Circulation Regulations page automatically after your identification. Please read the regulations carefully for the details.
  Accepting the Regulations. Make sure you have fully understood the regulations and committed to comply with the terms, then click the AGREE button to submit your application.
  Opening Library Privilege. Librarians will open the library privilege for you according to the information you have provided. You may visit this system to check your application status.
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